How to choose the right sized hanger

Hanging your clothes on the right sized garment hanger helps to extend the life of your garments by reducing the stress on seams and stitching.† A garment resting evenly and well supported maintains its shape and original design.

First select the right hanger for your clothes then check the details for the correct sizing from the information given on our sizing table.


To choose the correct sized top hanger

You must consider the length of your clothes hanger and the width of the shoulder.

Choosing the correct shoulder depth

Hanger depthThe choice of shoulder depth is determined by the type of garment you wish to hang. A dress generally would require a narrower shoulder depth than a menís tailored suit to get the desired support. The broader the hanger the better the support. The hanger should fit snugly in the garment as the below diagram shows.
Cut away of jacket on hanger

Choosing the correct width

Hanger widthTo chose the correct width clothes hanger measure your garment from shoulder seam to shoulder seam as outlined in the below diagram and then refer to the sizing chart below.



Point-to-point is the measurement from where the edge of the shoulder meets the sleeve across the back of the jacket.

Cut away of jacket showing shoulder measurement




 Shoulder Seam to Seam MeasurementHanger SizeGenerally fits Sizes
MensUp to 18½" / 42cm17" / 42cmSmall
 19" to 21½" / 45cm18½" / 45cmMedium to X-large
 22" / 56cm or more20" / 51cm2XL - 5XL
WomensUp to 16"15" / 36cmSmall (2-8)
 16½" to 18½" / 42cm17" / 42cmMedium to X-Large (10-18)
 19" or more / 45cm18½" / 45cm2XL-4XL (18W-26W)
Infants /
Up to 11" / 28cm10½" / 26cm3M-24M, 2T-4T
Little Girls /
Little Boys
Up to 11" / 28cm10½" / 26cmSmall to Large (4-6X/7)
Regular Girls11½" to 13½"13" / 33cmSmall to Large (8-14)
 14" to 16" / 36cm15" / 38cmXL-XXL (16-18)
Regular Boys14" to 16" / 40cm15" / 38cmSmall to Large (7-14)
 16½" to 18½" / 45cm17" / 45cmXL-XXL (16-18)


To choose the correct size bottom hanger

You must decide if you want a fold over trouser hanger or clip hanger

Fold over trouser hanger


Clip hanger

Clip hangers

Generally, the fold over clothes hangers are used for trousers and clip hangers are used for all other bottoms from skirts to shorts

The clip hangers on our site all have adjustable clips and injected rubber pads. When choosing a bottom hanger all hangers can be used for a variety of waist sizes due to the adjustable clips available. The trouser bar is a fixed size. Use the following chart to determine which sized hanger will suit your needs


 Waist Measurement InchesHanger SizeGenerally fits Sizes
Mens28" - 32"12" / 30cmXS/S
 33" - 38"14" / 36cmM/L
 40" - 44"16" / 38cmXL/XXL
 46"+18" / 46cmXXXL
   Dress size
Womens22" - 26"11" / 28cm8/10/12
 28" - 30"12" / 30cm14
 30" - 32"14" / 36cm16/18
 34"16" / 40cm20+
Infants /
20" - 21"11" / 28cm2/3/4
Little Girls /
Little Boys
22" - 23"11" / 28cm5/6/7/8
24"11" / 28cm9+
Regular Girls / Boys25" - 26"11" / 28cm11/12/13
 27" - 28"14" / 36cm14/15+